Hey! I’m Garrett.


I help small-to-medium sized businesses make more money and save lost time using software.

Unlike others in my industry, I focus on my client’s business goals before the implementation, code, and tools. You don’t care what brand hammer your builder uses; you just want to be settled in front of a warm fire before the holidays. I abstract away from you, my client, all of the “nerd” talk and focus on your business and how to make you succeed.

Over the years I’ve helped many companies clarify their business goals, establish strong processes, automate the mundane, and open up new streams of revenue. I can do the same for you!

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What Clients Are Saying

Shawn MaidaFounder and Partner at Foster Made

Garrett joined our team for a nearly year-long engagement to assist in the audit, enhancement, and launch of a business-critical application for the nonprofit sector. His technical expertise, soft skills, and business acumen made him an incredibly valuable member of the project team. Garrett exceeds not only as a front-end and back-end developer, but also as a technical team lead and system architect. I would highly recommend him to any organization and look forward to working with him again in the future.

Seth GiammancoTechnology lead at MOD-Lab

Garrett joined our team for a short period to help a notable project stay on course and increase momentum. Of note is the project required notable acclimation to code, people, process, and business requirements in order to be effective. Garrett exceeded our expectations in every way getting up to speed quickly and executing new features well at a great pace. We would welcome the opportunity to work with him again.

Philip ZaengleOwner of Zaengle Corp

Garrett is an outstanding developer; he’s able to do granular work while keeping the big picture in mind. However, what really makes him invaluable is the rare ability to communicate clearly and effectively with clients while leading a technical team – in that regard he’s in a category all to himself.

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