If Your Software Team Was a Football Team Instead…

No, I’m not asking you to consider what it would be like for your Jr. Dev to play Defensive Back in the NFL, nobody could stomach watching that…

Stiff arm

What I am asking you to consider is this:

What would it look like if your team operated like a competitive sports team?

  • When your Wide Receiver carelessly drops a touchdown pass in the end zone, are they pulled aside, coached, and then sent back in to make the next catch?
  • When your Running Back wants more touches on the ball, do you set clear expectations and work with them to create a plan to get what they want?
  • If a strong personality is diminishing the team’s ability to operate productively, do you attempt to correct course? If they can’t change, are you willing to trade them away?
  • Are you getting together to watch film after games to help everyone learn from their mistakes and improve as a team?
  • If you as the coach can’t coordinate the team and win, should your job be on the line? (yikes!)

When you look at leadership in this way, running a software team versus a sports team is not all that different. You’d never expect a coach that can’t manage his talent to show up in a Super Bowl, so how should your team be any different?