Giving Your Team Recognition

Giving Your Team Recognition

Do you give your team recognition for the work they accomplish? As a technical leader, it’s essential to pass through praise to your team.

Many times as a leader appreciation and praise will be directed your way for a job well done.

“Great job on the new ‘sign up’ functionality, it was just what we had envisioned!”

“You were right! Structuring our Facebook integration this way converts way better.”

“Smart move scaling up the servers before launching that sprint. It saved us from some pretty nasty downtime.”

Now, sometimes this great work will be by your own stroke of genius and effort, but most of the time that’s not the case. Most of the time it will have been your team that brainstormed, collaborated, and labored their way to success. Times like these are perfect opportunities to deflect the praise and give your team recognition. Why? Well, frankly, everyone wins when do.

  • The Team is Rewarded. We all want to feel appreciated for our time and effort, and it can be all the more meaningful when coming from leadership. If we as leaders fail to trickle down praise to our team, we are withholding a powerful gift and source of further motivation. It’s important for our team to see that their work translates to client success as well as the success of their own company.
  • It Builds Trust and Strengthens Culture. If you withhold team recognition, resentment will form and trust will wither. The feeling will arise that you are raising your self-worth on top of their efforts. Conversely, when you filter praise down, you are emphasizing that any success is the team’s success and that you are unwilling to let yourself be in the spotlight.
  • Your Management Skills Are Highlighted. As a manager and leader, you shouldn’t be doing the work yourself. Your job is to orchestrate the talents of your team effectively. When you pass along the credit, you are reinforcing that you have the skills necessary to coordinate an effort and produce great results. Let your reward be the team’s success, not the actual work completed.

So next time you’re served a heaping scoop of praise be sure to redirect and pass along the recognition to your team. In my next post, I’ll share some strategies for elevating your team over yourself.