FormIgniter: Easy Form Generation for CodeIgniter

I recently caught wind of a great web-based form generator for CodeIgniter, called FormIgniter. With the form validation built into CodeIgniter life is a whole lot easier than coding in straight PHP, but it can still be pretty tedious. As FormIgniter puts it:

To build a form with the form validator and form libraries you need to enter the same value in multiple places; 3 times in the view, the label, the fields error message, and the field itself, again in the controller, once more in the model, and finally you need to setup the database schema to accept these values. This is repetitive and dull.

I can definitely agree it is a bit tiresome. Enter FormIgniter. A simple way to automatically generate the MVC code and the SQL for a given form. All validation code comes built into the resulting controller and forms are set up to re-populate on error. A major time saver! Often times there is a need for the use of sessions, AJAX, or custom callbacks when working with forms. This functionality isn’t built into FormIgniter, but with some tweaks these features can be up and running in a fraction of the time. Thanks to Ollie Rattue for this great app!

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