Sound Familiar?

We’re two weeks overdue and only half way complete. We’re going to have to go back and ask to increase the budget.

It worked on my machine, but something broke when it went to production.

I have no idea why she left, I thought she was happy here.

I wish I’d thought about that before I started coding. The only way back is to revert three days worth of work.

The truth is your agency doesn’t have to make these mistakes. These problems surface by a lack of effective development processes under a dedicated, well-structured leader. Tough to hear, I know…

Now for the upside. Things don’t have to stay this way forever! Sign up for my email course on three mistakes your team is likely making right now and how you can fix them. In this course, I will cover:

  • Mistake #1 – Over-delivering on Work
  • Mistake #2 – Lack of Process
  • Mistake #3 – Weak Culture

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What Clients Are Saying

Philip ZaengleOwner of Zaengle Corp

“Garrett is an outstanding developer; he’s able to do granular work while keeping the big picture in mind. However, what really makes him invaluable is the rare ability to communicate clearly and effectively with clients while leading a technical team – in that regard he’s in a category all to himself.”

Shawn MaidaFounder and Partner at Foster Made

“Garrett joined our team for a nearly year-long engagement to assist in the audit, enhancement, and launch of a business-critical application for the nonprofit sector. His technical expertise, soft skills, and business acumen made him an incredibly valuable member of the project team. Garrett exceeds not only as a front-end and back-end developer, but also as a technical team lead and system architect. I would highly recommend him to any organization and look forward to working with him again in the future.”

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About Garrett

Garrett St. John

Hi! I’m Garrett St. John and I’ve worked in all aspects of software development for over fifteen years. Throughout my career, I’ve helped lead multiple development teams; whether it be for my┬áprevious design and development shop, Bold, as a software leadership consultant, or as the current Director of Technology at Foster Made.

I’ve helped teams big and small to establish effective development processes, improve company culture and communication, build internal employee onboarding and career growth processes, and most importantly ship high-quality code on time and within budget.

If you’d like to hear more about the services I offer agencies like yours and how I may be able to help. Don’t hesitate!

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