Software Development Consultant


  • Software Design Strategy
    Transform your vision into a digital reality. Leverage my years of enterprise software development experience to help successfully see your project to market while avoiding costly runaway scope creep and poor project design.
  • Development Process Consulting
    A well-defined software development process includes proper scope definitions, agile project management, established version control practices, and a refined deployment process. I can help your team clean up the process of building software and eliminate runaway software development costs.
  • Legacy Software Management
    Codebases age but the pace of software does not stop. If you have an aged software codebase, I can help bring your application back to modern standards and build a plan to future proof your code. Don't take "we'll just rebuild it" as the correct path, instead analyze where there is retained value in your application and allow me to help build a plan to get current and ultimately save on overall software development costs.
  • Team Structure Advisory
    Building a software team and getting the correct players into the proper roles is not easy. I've built and managed many software teams over my career and can help build a qualified team of software managers, architects, and developers to rapidly build and deploy high quality software applications.

About Me:

I'm Garrett St. John and I've spent 25 years learning, developing, and managing software teams and projects. Over my time in this industry I've been a part of large enterprise projects all the way down to smaller proof-of-concept builds. I've seen project budget runaways, team dynamics challenges, and runaway codebases that result in frustration, loss of time and revenue opportunity, and even total project failures.

I can help you avoid these mistakes by getting in front of these challenges and leveraging my deep experience in the software development space. Let's chat!


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