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Managing CodeIgniter Packages with Git Submodules

September 26, 2011

Link:¬† Great post on how to include Git projects within other Git projects as submodules. I’ve been wanting to do this for a long time!

A Great Method for Modeling Git Branches

February 16, 2011

Link: A successful Git branching model This is probably one of the best tutorials I’ve seen on how to run a successful Git repository. Bravo!

Adding an Empty Directory to a Git repository

January 28, 2011

Link: How to add empty directory to Git repo using .gitignore I was in the process of checking in a CodeIgniter project today when I realized that the ‘cache’ and ‘logs’ folders were being ignored. My .gitignore was set to ignore the content of those directories, but I did want the actual directories included. After [Keep Reading…]