Hey! I’m Garrett.


I help small-to-medium sized businesses make more money and save lost time using software.

Unlike others in my industry, I focus on my client’s business goals before the implementation, code, and tools. You don’t care what brand hammer your builder uses; you just want to be settled in front of a warm fire before the holidays. I abstract away from you, my client, all of the “nerd” talk and focus on your business and how to make you succeed.

Over the years I’ve helped many companies clarify their business goals, establish strong processes, automate the mundane, and open up new streams of revenue. I can do the same for you!

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Tools of Choice

Software is merely the means to getting where we want to be; the real work starts long before writing a single line of code. But for those that are interested in more about how I work, I’ve had great success using the following tools to meet business goals: